Sarah is an incredibly kind and talented musician, and I have had a great experience taking lessons from her! Along with having amazing musicianship, she is an excellent educator too. She is patient with you and knows how to pass her knowledge to you and is equipped for all levels from beginner to advanced. I would recommend Sarah to anyone!

Emily F.

Sarah has a natural gift in working with children. Sometimes you find a great musician but not a great teacher. Sarah is both. I have a very stubborn child but he has a musical gift and I won’t let him quit just yet. Sarah has been incredibly patient and is slowly but surely bringing about a beautiful change and progression in his practice habits and performance.

Joanna S.

I absolutely love my cello lessons with Sarah. I started taking lessons from Sarah after many years without them. She has helped me overcome bad habits, play pieces I couldn’t get through anymore, and I’m so grateful that I can enjoy my cello again. I plan on continuing lessons with Sarah and am so glad I found her.

Charles M.

Sarah is a fantastic teacher! Her notes are always spot on, and clearly articulated, and one always feels incredibly encouraged and motivated after one of her sessions. Couldn't recommend her more highly.

Tara C.